Mug with dark roasted coffee

Dark Roast

Dark roasts are very popular but some of us don't like burnt or bitter coffee. Our approach is to bring out the oils, caramelize the complex sugars and present you with a full bodied coffee that still retains the wonderful flavors of the bean. Bold but not Bitter.... That's our goal! Try our French Roasts, or the North Beach Blend.

Mug with medium roasted coffee

Medium Roast

Coffee beans have been compared to wine grapes by many people. That's because each are influenced by the soil that they grow in, the weather, the altitude and the care they are given before and after harvest. As Roasters, medium roasts give us the opportunity to show you just what a coffee varietal or blend is all about. This is our chance to present to you the bean in such a way that it develops its unique characteristics to the fullest. Coffees from Guatemala, Sumatra, Colombia or Costa Rica all are great examples of medium roast coffees that have unique flavor profiles. Well worth trying.

Mug with espresso


Espresso drinks are among the most popular in the world. You may prefer yours straight or in a cappuccino or latte. Our Espresso is a European style Espresso. It is medium roasted to provide you with a very smooth, satisfying cup. If you prefer yours on the darker side you might like our Espresso Neopolitan, or the North beach Blend.

Mug with decaf coffee


We offer several fine decaf coffees but the best are usually Swiss Water Processed. That's because these coffees are consistently of a higher quality and stand up to the decaffeinating process. Better beans make a better Decaf experience.